The Job Competition is Fierce!

by admin on July 25, 2009

With so many people now unemployed, competition for the available jobs has has increased tremendously. Employers are having their pick from among many qualified candidates and increasing the requirements for many positions. Because the of the extremely large and talented job pool, employers are able to search for the perfect candidate.

I recently spoke with a real estate company Vice-President who was interviewing for a new office manager. In the past, she had found it difficult to locate good candidates for this position. However, when she recently advertised the position on Craigslist, she was flooded with hundreds of resumes within a week. She received so many resumes that she had to have HR perform an initial screening, which she never had done before. And she was shocked by what she called the number of “over qualified” people who applied for the position. (By the way, I believe there’s no such thing as over qualified, just candidates with abilities in addition to what’s required for the advertised job.)

Once the resumes was reviewed, the VP found several great candidates with past experience relevant to the job, adequate education, and good references. The company hired a young woman who interviewed well and received a glowing recommendation from her previous employer.

The candidate that was hired embodied the principles that we teach to the subscribers of We help our subscribers become the standout candidates with a great chances of being hired. Using our step-by-step approach, our subscribers are able to move ahead of the competition and get more interviews, more offers, and better jobs.

In today’s job market, you need to know how to get a job, not just perform it. If you can’t sell yourself, it doesn’t matter how many other abilities you have. Let us provide you everything you need to succeed in your job search, at an economical price. Check us out at and join the Revolution!

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